Jonathan Waights has been a ceramics artist since he was apprenticed to a small tile factory in the Portuguese village where he grew up.

Returning to the UK as a teenager he set up his current business, a bespoke, hand painted tile company, Art on Tiles. He has become a leading producer of bespoke, hand painted and hand finished tiles to order and has a vast selection of past commissions on his Art on Tiles website.

Just a couple of years ago, Jonathan began allowing himself to experiment with clay, marrying his decades of experience in ceramics decoration with his newfound interest in form, exploring – at last – the potential for ceramics in three dimensions.

A selection of his work in clay is displayed in the gallery on this website. Originals are available for sale, limited editions of his designs are available to order and he is also happy to discuss bespoke commissions.

Jonathan works out of a studio and pottery at his home in West Sussex. The Piggery Pottery is a converted flint and brick outbuilding which was a ruin when the family originally moved into this Grade II listed property. The two trees growing through the structure were removed and many of the original flints and bricks were retrieved from the surrounding ground before the building was restored by Jonathan using traditional techniques.

For years Jonathan has run occasional weekend courses on Delft tile painting from his home. He and his wife also host fun, pottery workshops for small groups.

To discuss purchases, ordering, commissions or workshops please contact Jonathan.